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" Oh my, I love my energetic Ruth.  Straight forward, honest, wise, and fast paced.  We get along great because we are both well organized and she works very hard at maintaining structure and boy oh boy can she cook! "








" Once you get to know my special Ruth and develop a relationship with her you will not be able to beat her loyalty and trustworthiness.  She has always been able to see the potential in others that most cannot and has a genuine drive, structured none the less, to help make that potential shine which makes her a rare find nowadays. "





" Ruthy cares about me and others and is great at lending me an ear or just having her give me a big hug.  But don't be fooled by Ruthy's big eyes and smile.  She is extremely smart and Ruth doesn't put up with squat.  She brings out the best in me so I always try to have her around me, and Dot is right, 'Boy oh boy can she cook'! "