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" I must admit Dot rarely makes time for personal talk which just kills me and may come across dominating but she is a natural born leader that makes me feel good about myself.  Dot deals with things very rationally and logically.  Not pushy like you would think.  She has huge deep feelings, I know it, but you would never know it because that may show some possible signs of weakness.  And I won't even bring up routine like she did......Dot. "




" Now then, Dorothy can be assertive, innovative, and wears a tremendously forceful personality and has the tools to accomplish whatever goals she sets out for herself.  Dorothy is every bit decisive, independent, disciplined, practical, and efficient.  Enough said, you can check out her many certificates, accolades, and recognitions decorating her office wall.  With that being said Dorothy is always looking for a good deal and I love to join her in the hunt. "


Dick-Big-Stuff.jpg" Dorothy has been my friend longer than she would like to admit and it's not that she doesn't care for personal talk, she loves a challenge in conversation or even a good argument but be prepared.  You won't get her best unless you can stand up to her.  You may also find she knows her facts.  Dorothy is the bomb in my book. "