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" Hey friends, I met Rich...ard years ago at the YMCA.  He is a married man ladies.  He has a great 'march to your own drum sense of humor' even though he seems traditional.  He's like us girls would say, that loyal, faithful, and dependable man and no one would ever second guess his honesty or integrity.  And with all that big stuff being said, he's also a lot of fun."



" What Charlotte says is true, but through all of the years of being members of the same organizations with Dick, he has always demonstrated a personal drive, by desire I think, to promote a secure and peaceful surrounding.  He is definitely a man I would take advice from .  My momma would say, ' A man after God's own heart.' "





Dorothy-PolkaDot-12-body.jpg" The fact is Dick is an old high school friend and a man with a strong internal sense of duty which lends him a serious motivation to follow through on task.  Dick is very organized and methodical in his approach and succeeds often at any task which he undertakes.  Dick is very well rounded, educated, and sticks to the rules..  Now that's a compliment.  Your welcome Dick."