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" Let me introduce you to a soccer mom that 'loves to gossip and shop, shop, shop ' (you should check out her blog and facebook).  This lady enjoys talking and staying involved.  She thrives on excitement and personal interaction.  Social, social, social is the word.  But, very enthusiastic and stimulating to be around.   I will warn you, Charlotte has very little concern for routine.  But don't get me wrong....I love her to death. "







" Now Now, Charlotte may not be the brightest most focused kid on the block.  She's focused on people rather than task. She's the type that uses opinions and stories rather than facts and data.  The saying ' opposite's attract' must be true because I enjoy every moment I spend around her. "







 Ruth-with-Apron.jpg" Have you ever been around that person that uses their hands when they are talking.  I mean dramatic in every word and of course animated exp ressions galore.  You'll notice they are oblivious to what's going on around them....Well hello Charlotte, nice to meet you.  Oh yea, and an instigator, my oh my.  Having Charlotte as a friend, and a friend she is, is like having someone pulling you into a gust of wind - so hold on. "